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Most books referred to in the Library can be ordered from Amazon by a direct link. Titles include those of specific interest to liverymen, and in the Speech-writing section, those suggested at the After Dinner speaking course. If you wish to suggest additional books for listing, please send the ISBN

The Livery Committee, in association with the Town Clerk's Office at the City of London, produce a number of publications for the benefit of liverymen, and others interested in their work.

Some are listed here:

Livery Briefing  a bi-monthly newsletter distributed to Clerks by email, and often posted at livery company websites

City Livery Companies - a 40 page booklet (orange cover) describing each livery company, and other background about the civic activities of the City. Available for collection from PRO at Guildhall

Livery Profile - a pocket sized leaflet with essential livery facts, produced by the Mercers' Company, 2011 edition out of print, but still available as a PDF

NOT produced or endorsed by the City of London are two light hearted YouTube cartoon videos that give a gently mocking but affectionate and not inaccurate description if the workings of the City and its governance:

Secret City of London part 1

Secret City of London part 2

Vade Mecum - re-published in 2013, by the Clerks’ Association.

cityview - The magazine of the City of London Corporation

City of London Directory & Livery Companies Guide (the Blue Book, published annually in February by City Press) 

The City of London Freeman's Guide by Paul Jagger (published by the Information Technologists' Company) Order from Amazon here

Royal ChartersThe Aldermen and Magistracy Sub-Committee of the Court of Aldermen have prepared guidance on the subject of Royal Charters. You may read it at this link.

National Farmers’ Union Magazine article, November 2015. A sympathetic and largely accurate exploration of the Livery Companies and their renewed involvement with trade, craft and profession.

City & Livery Links with Australia & New Zealand, a paper written by Paul Jagger

Merchant Taylors Company of York:

Interpreting the Survival and Contemporary Functions of a Trade-Based Medieval Guild   A dissertation by By Kathryn Lazell, University of York

Titles of other publications and websites are grouped below:

After dinner speaking

Education & Schools

Financial City



Livery Companies

Lord Mayor


City of London Corporation website for livery companies

The Livery Halls of the City of London (published October 2018)

by Anya Lucas and Henry Russell, Photography by Andreas von Einsiedel

Published by Merrell Publishers Ltd in association with the Worshipful Company of Chartered Architects


ISBN: 978-1-8589-4670-2  Order from Amazon here

This Ghastly Affair: Great War Letters from the Leathersellers Archives by Jerome Farrell 

ISBN-10: 0952362171

Available from the Leathersellers’ Company

or Order from Amazon here

Civic London to 1558 (3 volume set) (Records of Early English Drama) 

by David J. Parkinson (assistant editor) (Author), Anne Lancashire (Editor)


ISBN  1843843994    Order from Amazon here

The livery companies of the City of London  their origin, character, development and social and political importance (1892)  by William Carew Hazlitt.  

ISBN 9781169369337  in a modern edition. Order from Amazon here

800 years of the Lord Mayor's Show

Price £29.95 or at the pre-publication offer price of £24.95 up to 5 November 2015

ISBN  9781908990556    Order from Amazon here

Discovering London's Guilds and Liveries by John Kennedy Melling

Price £8.99  ISBN 0747805598   Order from Amazon here

The Aldermen of the City of London Temp. Henry III - 1912

By Alfred P Beaven

Contains comprehensive lists of and biographical notes upon the aldermen of the City. It also includes extensive materials on the relationship of the various aldermen to the livery companies and to Parliament. Originally published in two volumes, it is here given in one.

The Aldermen of the City of London 1900-2010 by Sir John Chalstrey

ISBN 9780852030905 published by the City of London Corporation 2011

Masters' Badges of the City of London Livery Companies by Richard Goddard

ISBN 9781860777271 Order from Amazon here

London Livery Companies: History, Law and Customs by David Palfreyman

ISBN 1907139079   Order from Amazon here

The London City Livery Companies' Vindication (1885) by Gilbert and Rivington

ISBN 1165111160   Order from Amazon here

The City of London and its Lord Mayor: From Whittington to World Financial Centre by Sir John Stuttard (2008)

ISBN 1860775861   Order from Amazon here

 Stepping Forward - A Tribute to the Volunteer Military Reservists and Supporting Auxiliaries of Greater London. A list of livery/military affiliations (drawn from the book) 

The Leathersellers' Company - A History by Penelope Hunting

ISBN 0952362104 Order from Amazon here

Apostrophe Catastrophe by Patrick C Notchtree


or Order from Amazon here

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