Masters & Past Masters

Ceremonial surrounding the installation of the new Lord Mayor

City Consorts Society C2

Common Hall, a guide for masters at the elections for the Lord Mayor and the Sheriffs

Consorts, some thoughts for unmarried masters

Deputy Master - suggestions on when he/she should represent the master

Garlands, or Crowns

List of Masters Pocket Guide, as prepared by the Secretary of the Fellowship of Clerks, October 2018

Lord Mayor's Show - Guard of Honour instructions

Masters' Biographies - some thoughts

Masters' Picture Book online

Mistresses and Consorts' Picture Book online (sponsored by The Cook & The Butler)

Mistresses and Consorts’ Guide, privately published, and NOT formally endorsed by the Livery Committee

Past Masters' Associations - an introduction to PMAs

Past Masters' Associations - a guide to setting one up

Picture book website of Masters and Mistresses/Consorts

PMA Contacts - a link to the database. If yours is not listed, read this note

Ironbridge Weekend

Ironbridge Livery Weekend - a note for masters

Substitute Master - suggestions on when he/she should represent the master

Masters' Badges of the City of London Livery Companies by Richard Goddard

ISBN 9781860777271

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