VE Day 75th Anniversary Livery Quiz

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Over 1,800 visited the quiz on this page, and my thanks and congratulations to the many who submitted their answers. It was never intended to be straightforward or easy (but something to keep you amused and occupied, as it did me in compiling the Quiz), so I was impressed that just one entrant got every one of the 112 questions correct.

Congratulations to the Deputy Master Barber, who receives the prize of £200 to be split between a charity of his choice and that of the Barbers’ Company.

There were two (Spectacle Maker and Chartered Accountant) who tied for second place, both with just three incorrect answers, so £150 to each of their charities, split as above; and the Wooden Spoon (£100) to the Turner who tackled the quiz without recourse to Google!

Aside from the Turner entry, the wrong answers from the great majority who got more than 100 correct were surprisingly spread across 40 companies (ie different wrong answers). But of these, the fiendish one was the fact that 21 (SAS) Regiment, is colloquially known as the Artists’ Rifles, having been formed in 1859 and recruited from artists and professional painters. Hence the somewhat tenuous connection with the Painter-Stainers!

Glovers and Carmen confused many, though in every case the majority got the correct answer. It is at the annual Cart Marking ceremony that the master Carman marks the carts with a branding iron, hence his/her need for gloves, in this case a heatproof gauntlet. Meanwhile my own family’s business (now sadly no longer) made gloves (and much else of leather) at its tanneries in both Godalming and Yeovil. The football club in Somerset is still known as The Glovers, and tanning continues in the town to this day. The Pullman tannery in Godalming, meanwhile, provided the water power to generate electricity for the town to be, in 1881, the first place in the world to have public electricity (for street lighting). More at this link.

I happily accept that one or two of the questions had more than one possible right answer, and thank you to those who pointed this out to me!

Thank you for your interest, Nigel Pullman 

PRIZES - 1st Prize - £100 to a charity of the winner’s choice, plus a further £100 to the winner’s livery company charitable fund.

Runner-up - £75 to each as above.

Wooden Spoon - £50 as above, to encourage entries from those who only know some of the answers!

To enter, please download the Q&A excel spreadsheet here, complete the answer column C, and send it as an attachment to

Closing date 31st May 2020

In the event of a tie, the winner will the first correct answer received.

So precede each question below with the words Which livery company  . . . . . . ?? 

Each livery is the answer to one question only, so 112 answers should include every company just once.

1 - makes casks? (an easy one to get you started!)

2 - celebrates on 2nd February (senior of two)?

3 - changed its name in 2014?

4 - considered, but rejected, the idea of changing its name to avoid confusion with a similarly named fraternity?

5 - created and donated the graduation arch at Treloar's?

6 - has its own museum in South Kensington, in which H5 may be seen?

7 - organises a Wizardry exhibition every four years?

8 - successfully resisted compulsory purchase of its hall by the City immediately following WW2? And organises an annual livery event in Morzine.

9 - titles its wardens after the tributaries of the Thames?

10 - created by Act of Parliament in 1555, has presented a rose to the Lord Mayor annually since 1381 as a quit rent?

11 - until recently had its home in an appropriately named hall near Guildhall, until it was purchased by the City of London, and now remains empty?  Its industry can trace its markets roots to a Starbucks equivalent of 1688.

12 - was originally founded to regulate pot making in the City?

13 - was formed by a merger of the Shearmen with the Fullers, and is now a generous supporter of the FANY?

14 - are big supporters of Luton Town FC?

15 - as with the Goldsmiths', still has statutory powers to test and regulate its product on the same site for over 400 years??

16 - gifted the Millennium Measure to the City in 2002, an object placed on the north side of the "Wobbly Bridge"?

17 - hall burnt down on 22nd September 1965?

18 - hall, in late 1666, had a counting house, a parlour, a buttery, a larder, a kitchen with three chimneys, a hall, a beer cellar, a lumber room, a posting room, a court room, a withdrawing room, an armoury and a place of easement? 

19 - has a pub sign above its front entrance?

20 - organises an annual charity trip to Eurodisney?

21 - organises the annual Sheep Drive over London Bridge each September?

22 - shares its eponymous hall outside the City with two other liveries?

23 - founding master instigated the annual Ironbridge Weekend in 1984?

24 - has a portrait of HM the Queen painted by by Pietro Annigoni?

25 - has planted trees at many of the finest gardens in England?

26 - installs its new master on Ash Wednesday? (day after Pancake Day)

27 - nowadays claims to represent the games and entertainment industries?

28 - tend to have their functions at lunchtime, as their work requires an early morning start?

29 - toasts the Queen, guests and others in a drink other than wine/port?

30 - limits their livery size in line with the standard UK voltage?

31 - was the first to have the Princess Royal as their Master? (in 1984)

32 - have letters patent granted by Oliver Cromwell? (company name has only one word)

33 - was the brainchild of past LM, Sir Paul Newall?

34 - has an eponymous Hall which is a Grade II listed building of 1890, yet only became a livery company in the 1970s?

35 - featured the Master's daughter decked out as a lavatory pan in the Lord Mayor Show of 2013?

36 - has a link with the Monument like structure in Paternoster Square?

37 - has an identically named hall in Philadelphia, considered by some the place where the United States Declaration of Independence began?

38 - normally holds an annual three day exhibition of their craft each May/June?

39 - played an important part in bringing a Wren building, originally in Fleet Street, back to EC4 from a Hertfordshire park in 2004?

40 - was it said by this Leatherseller: "we make the leathery parts, you do the metal bits"?

41 - was left £120 in 1599 for the making of five cups in the form of cocks which are still used in the annual election of the Master, the immediate past being a prominent bewhiskered employee of the House of Commons (now retired) ?

42 - has the greatest number of words in its full title?

43 - is responsible for the annual Sheriffs' award?

44 - master needs to wear gloves at an annual ceremony each July?

45 - coat of arms features a politically incorrect “Indian savage” representing the source of cardamom, coriander seed and other herbs and spices that flavour its products?

46 - could have, through its craft, an affiliation with the SAS?

47 - had three lord mayors (mother company) between 2003-2013 and has the words 'City of London' in its formal title?

48 - has responsibility for twenty-one schools?

49 - has the motto "Crecy, Poitiers, Agincourt"?

50 - includes the undertaking industry?

51 - is affiliated to the Royal Corps of Signals? (in this the Corps' centenary year)

52 - is the most junior to have a prime warden?

53 - shares its name with that of company in the place where Nick Clegg was once MP?

54 - originally sought to call themselves Merchant Adventurers, prior to 1977?

55 - has a recent past master who is an American-British broadcaster, well known for presenting  MasterChef and Through the Keyhole?

56 - achieved lasting notoriety in 1666?

57 - features an hourglass in its master's badge?

58 - hall was designed by Sir Basil Spence?

59 - has almost 3,500 pages from their archive from 1772 -1937 at their Company Archives website, available to all?

60 - instigated the annual Tacitus Lecture in 1983? And also boasts the greatest number of female masters!

61 - might wittily claim to have been put out of business by the arrival of the Paviors' Company? And whose 2011 master was  knighted in 2017  for services to business (notably employing ex-offenders in his eponymous high street shops) and fostering.

62 - owns an arbalest point, dating from the Hussite Wars of the 15th C?

63 - represents the oldest profession (no, not that one) but is a modern company?

64 - retains its role in examining technicians and assistants in its profession? (ends March 2021). And had 17 LMs in the second half of the 1800s.

65 - went bust twice before being recreated a Modern Company in the 1950's?

66 - has a charter but not a grant of livery?

67 - a leathery one, has had no less than six halls, but the last was sold to the Imperial Continental Gas Association in 1921? (and since then have been hall-less)

68 - claims to have the oldest hall?

69 - invited a Speaker of the House of Commons (1983-1992) to be its only liveryman then actually qualified in its trade? And encourages the wearing of white dinner jackets on the Feast of St John?

70 - has its home in a double-barrelled named hall, but whose single word title does not represent their profession?

71 - requires its master to sing the Company Song after each livery dinner?

72 - should have seen a boost in business after 1666, though in fact the opposite occurred?

73 - takes its name from a town in Andalusia?

74 - was the first to have the current Prince of Wales as their Master (in 1988)? And famously has its hall on the very edge of the City boundary.

75 - has a pub of the same name at Monkton Combe School, and no doubt many elsewhere?

76 - features a washing machine in its coat of arms?

77 - is responsible for administering the Livery Schools Link?

78 - has a master's badge geometrically representing the Square Mile? And has also had wife & husband as master - in that order?

79 - creates argument as to how to pronounce its name, but has the largest capacity hall?

80 - had the first lady master, in 1983?

81 - hall is the leopard's head daily applied?

82 - has a perpetual master (their third)?

83 - has its offices in the Charterhouse?

84 - has the smallest number of liverymen?

85 - is the most modern of the ancient? (NOT the Carmen)

86 - organises both the inter livery Clay shoot, and the masters' annual walk of all the Halls?

87 - went to somewhat excessive lengths to move from Bishopsgate ward into Lime Street ward? And had the first non Great 12 LM in 1649

88 - has very busy members in the run up to 31st January, working on what was complete on 5th April?

89 - has a "spade bearer" amongst their officers, a post held by the Earl of Wessex in 2010?

90 - "buries the hatchet" at a lunch each year with its now more senior "neighbour"?

91 - are exceptionally centred in membership and activity outside London?

92 - clerk was the most recent to have a letter published in The Times? (22 April 2020, descendant of a famous writer)

93 - has a portrait of HM the Queen painted by by Sergei Pavlenko?

94 - might reasonably claim to have its present clerk resulting from "nominative determinism"?

95 - nowadays represents the polymer industry?

96 - presents a Quill to each of the sheriffs?

97 - was bequeathed a strawberry field in 1583 (reputedly because they liked strawberries) and now own a large area of Hammersmith?

98 - takes a broader interest than most in the Sea Cadets? And is especially proud of their pro bono work for charities.

99 - currently has a royal master?

100 - a modern one, counts sheriffs Knowles and Gillon amongst its past masters, and also an alderman who stood but was not elected? (in 1999)

101 - became only the sixth livery company to acquire its first hall since the 17th century, in 2005?

102 - celebrates on 2nd February (junior of two)?

103 - fired its master for incompetence, and retained the successor's title to this day?

104 - grants the licence to the Boot & Flogger?

105 - has geographical links with Godalming, Yeovil, and the creator of this quiz?

106 - has its own chapel within its hall?

107 - master was Vice Admiral Tim Lawrence, in the same year as his wife was Master Butcher?

108 - retains the BT phone number 1666? And should take justifiable pride in Joseph Ford having a plaque on the Memorial to Heroic Self-Sacrifice. He saved six persons in Grays Inn Road, but in his last heroic act he was scorched to death in 1871.

109 - created two 14 foot Giants which have formed part of the Lord Mayor’s Show since the Reign of Henry V?

110 - hall was demolished in 1863 to make way for Cannon Street Station?

111 - may have more barristers than most in its membership, and has a Pupillage Scheme?

112 - annually attends the Zurich Sechseläuten Spring Festival, and received their charter in 1571?

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