Her Majesty’s Commission of Lieutenancy for the City of London

The u/m are members of the Society of Lieutenants, who collectively fulfil a role in the City of London akin to the Lord Lieutenant of a county. They do so under the chairmanship of the Lord Mayor.

All past lord mayors are appointed to the Commission for the duration of their time as aldermen (ie usually until their 70th birthday), along with the current LM and his/her likely successor. The other appointees (e.g. Recorder, Common Sergeant, Bank Governor, Police Commissioner, RFCA chairman etc) relinquish their lieutenancy on leaving their office.

By custom, each outgoing LM nominates one suitable new lieutenant (shown as “nominee” in the list below), and they serve for life. Occasionally, a retiring alderman is so nominated (eg Martin and Woolf below).

                                                               Role & Year appointed

Alderman Nick Anstee                       Past, present, or likely next LM 2008

Colonel John Barkshire                      Nominee 1989

Sir John Bond                                       Nominee 2000

Mr Charles Bowman                            Past, present, or likely next LM 2016

Mr Mark Carney                                   Governor Bank of England 2013

Major General Keith Cima                  Nominee 2009

Major Barnaby Cockcroft                     Nominee 1992

Mrs Elizabeth Corley                             Nominee 2018

Rear Admiral Sir Jeremy de Halpert  Nominee 2005

Mr Paul Double                                       Nominee 2018

Colonel Simon Duckworth                   Nominee 2010

Commissioner Ian Dyson                     Police Commissioner 2016

Colonel Nigel Easton                             Nominee 2003

Alderman Peter Estlin                           Past, present, or likely next LM 2017

Dr Christopher Gardner-Thorpe        Nominee 1981

Alderman Sir Roger Gifford                Past, present, or likely next LM 2011

Colonel Mark Hatt-Cook                      Nominee 1998

Captain (RN) Paul Hill                           Reserve Forces & Cadets Association 2017

His Honour Judge Nicholas Hilliard Recorder of London 2013

Colonel John Holland                           Nominee 1991

Major William Hunt                              Nominee 2012

Colonel Brian Kay                                  Nominee 1994

Professor Roy Leighton                        Nominee 2006

Alderman Ian Luder                              Past, present, or likely next LM 2007

His Honour Judge Richard Marks      Common Serjeant 2015

Colonel Sir Clive Martin                        Nominee 1984

Major General Ranald Munro             Nominee 2015

Captain Colin Murray                            Nominee 1992

Major Tony O’Hagan                             Nominee 2007

Mr Paul Orchart                                      Nominee 2012

Alderman Sir Andrew Parmley            Past, present, or likely next LM 2015

Air Commodore Delva Patman            Nominee 2011

Captain Sir John Perring                      Nominee 1963

Major John Phipson                              Nominee 2004

Colonel Nigel Pullman                          Nominee 2013

Sir William Purves                                 Nominee 1996

Colonel Dominic Reid                           Nominee 2008

Alderman William Russell                    Past, present, or likely next LM 2018

Vice-Admiral The Lord (Jeffrey) Sterling                 Nominee 1995

Air Commodore The Viscount (Hugh) Trenchard  Nominee 2014

Colonel Michael Upson                        Nominee 1986

Sir Brian Williamson                            Nominee 2002

Dame Fiona Woolf                                Nominee 2012

Alderman Sir David Wootton             Past, present, or likely next LM 2010

Alderman Sir Alan Yarrow                  Past, present, or likely next LM 2013

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