Livery Companies

To download a complete list (Excel ss) of all Lord Mayors, Sheriffs, Aldermen, and now with an archive of many livery past masters, please go to A-Z lists.

Livery Company and Guild Twitter Activity - report at March 2019

The livery companies of the City of London  their origin, character, development and social and political importance (1892)  by William Carew Hazlitt.  

ISBN 9781169369337  in a modern edition. Order from Amazon here

Discovering London's Guilds and Liveries by John Kennedy Melling

Price £8.99  ISBN 0747805598   Order from Amazon here

Masters' Badges of the City of London Livery Companies by Richard Goddard

ISBN 9781860777271 Order from Amazon here

London Livery Companies: History, Law and Customs by David Palfreyman

ISBN 1907139079   Order from Amazon here

The London City Livery Companies' Vindication (1885) by Gilbert and Rivington

ISBN 1165111160   Order from Amazon here

The Leathersellers' Company - A History by Penelope Hunting

ISBN 0952362104 Order from Amazon here

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