Sheep Drive

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The annual Sheep Drive for Freemen of the City of London is held on [a] London Bridge, usually on the last Sunday in September. 

The date for 2023 is Sunday 24th September 2023

The date for 2024 is Sunday 29th September 2024

Eligibility: all freemen of the City may apply to take part, individually, or in a group.

Further details are at this link.

Or you may email the organiser, the Woolmen's Company

In 2007, the World Traders’ Company arranged what was then billed as the “last ever” Sheep Drive over the full length of London Bridge, using Romney Sheep. Last because of ever increasing restrictions from police, security, traffic etc.

However in 2012, the Woolmen’s Company persuaded the authorities to allow a slightly restricted celebration of a Freeman’s ancient “right” to bring sheep to market over the Thames, toll free, and this has now continued annually, usually, though not always, over London Bridge. 

Participation is restricted to registered and pre-booked Freemen of the City of London and their guests, for a modest charge, to enable the remainder of the bridge to be open to vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

On the same Sunday a Livery Fair is held, located on the north side of London Bridge on the piazza adjacent to The Monument.

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