Livery Halls Walk

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The annual Walk for livery masters around all the livery halls is held in September.

The date for 2023 is Monday 4th September 2023

The date for 2024 is tba

Eligibility: Masters accompanied by a member of Court or their consort.

Further details are at this link. (to follow)

Or you may email the organiser, the Environmental Cleaners’ Company

The inaugural Livery Halls Walk took place in 2006. Since then, 20 Livery Companies have taken part each year and it has now become an established and very popular event in the Livery Calendar. 

These are the simple rules: 

20 Livery Companies will be allowed to participate in addition to the host company, the Environmental Cleaners'. 

The Master and their Consort or a member of the Court from each Company are invited to attend. Substitutes are permitted but each Livery Company must be represented by at least one officer (The Master/Prime Warden/Upper Bailiff, Deputy Master or a Warden). 

Full robes, hats and chains and badges of office are required to be worn. 

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