Cart Marking

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The annual Cart Marking Ceremony is held in July in Guildhall Yard

The date for 2023 is Saturday 22 July 2023

The date for 2024 is tba

Eligibility: livery masters invited as spectators

Further details are at this link.

Or you may email the organiser, the Carmen's Company

Cart Marking showcases a collection of transport dating back from the horse and cart, to the latest, cleanest, greenest, and safest in use today.

The regulation of carts dates back over 750 years to the early days of the City with the ceremony of Cart Marking evolving over time.

You will see vehicles ranging from handcarts, horse and carts, and horses and carriages to steam engines, military vehicles and motorcycles. With historic, vintage and specialist vehicles – new and old – including the latest vehicles powered by electricity and hydrogen on display.

The vehicles make their way to Guildhall Yard where they are greeted by the Lord Mayor, the Masters from not one but two City of London Livery companies and the Keeper of Guildhall Yard, all wearing their official robes and insignia.

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