Livery Halls, by dining capacity

The list below is of the livery companies who have their own Hall, organised by size of dining capacity. (the number of places is also affected by choice of table arrangement, eg round tables or sprigs). 

Most, but not all, are available for hire. Most, but not all, have their own, or tied, caterers. 

Interactive map of livery halls 

For photos of the Livery Halls' exteriors, follow this link

For web links to the hall’s website, and post codes, scroll to the alphabetical list at the foot of this page. And at the very bottom of the page is a note concerning confusion twixt hall names and their livery companies.

Gunmakers’ Proof House, dining capacity: 24

Coopers' Hall 32

Information Technologists' Hall 44

Dyers' Hall 60  Map link

Wax Chandlers' Hall 68  Map link

Watermen's Hall 73

Founders' Hall 75

Brewers' Hall 80

Bakers' Hall 81

Furniture Makers' Hall 84

Innholders' Hall 87  Map link

Tallow Chandlers' Hall 95  Map link

Armourers' Hall 100

Pewterers' Hall 100  Map link

Leathersellers' Hall 110 - not let commercially

Cutlers’ Hall 120

Farmers’ & Fletchers' Hall 120

Master Mariners’ HQS Wellington 120

Salters' Hall 128

Barbers Surgeons’ Hall 130

Apothecaries' Hall 134  Map link

Saddlers' Hall 150  Map link

Vintners' Hall 158  Map link

Grocers' Hall 160

Mercers' Hall 160  Map link

Skinners' Company 160  Map link

Fishmongers' Hall 180  Map link

Ironmongers' Hall 180 Map link

Haberdashers' Hall 186

Painters’ Hall 190

Stationers' Hall 205  Map link

Carpenters' Hall 220 Map link

Glaziers' Hall 220

(also Launderers and Scientific Instrument Makers’)

Clothworkers' Hall 224  Map link

Goldsmiths' Hall 240  Map link

Drapers' Hall 270  Map link

Merchant Taylors' Hall 280

Plaisterers' Hall 400

Girdlers' Hall - not let commercially  Map link

Butchers’ Company - presently closed

Apothecaries (134)  EC4V 6EJ map Blackfriars Station

Armourers (100) (the hall of the Armourers & Brasiers' Company) EC2R 5BJ map Moorgate Station 

Bakers (81) EC3R 6DP map Tower Hill Station

Barber-Surgeons (130) (the hall of the Barbers' Company) EC2Y 5BL map St Paul's Stn exit 1

Brewers (80) EC2V 7HR map St Paul's Station exit 1

Butchers presently closed for development 

Carpenters (220) EC2N 2JJ map Moorgate Station

Central Criminal Court see Old Bailey, below

Chartered Accountants Hall  (50) (not the hall of the livery company; also known as One Moorgate Place)

Charterhouse EC1M 6AN map Barbican Station

City Livery Club - shared with Little Ship Club, see below

Clothworkers (224) EC3R 7AH map Fenchurch Street Station

Coopers (32) EC2M 4TH map Liverpool Street Station

Cutlers (120) EC4M 7BR  map St Paul's Station exit 2 turn left 

Drapers (270) EC2N 2DQ  map Bank Station exit 2 right

Dyers (-) EC4R 2ST map Cannon Street Station or Bank exit 8

Farmers & Fletchers (120) EC1A 7LD map Barbican

Fishmongers (220) EC4R 9EL map Monument Station

Founders (75) EC1A 7JQ map Barbican Station

Furniture Makers (84) EC2N 2HE map Liverpool Street Station

Girdlers (-) EC2V 5DD  map Moorgate Station

Glaziers (220) SE19DD  map London Bridge Station

Goldsmiths (240) EC2V 6BN  map St Paul's Station exit 1 right to Foster Lane

Grocers (160) EC2R 8AD  map Bank Station exit 1 right

Guildhall (600) EC2V 7HH map St Paul's Station or Bank exit 1

Guildhall Club (32) EC2V 7HH map St Paul's Station or Bank exit 1 

Gunmakers (24) (The Proof House) E1 1LP map Aldgate East Station

Haberdashers (186) EC1A 9HQ  map St Paul's Station exit 2 left

HQS Wellington (120) (the hall of the Master Mariners' Company) WC2R 2PN map Temple Station  

Information Technologists (44) EC1A 7JN map St Paul's Station

Innholders (87) EC4R 2RH map Cannon Street Station or Bank exit 8

Insurers Hall (160) (not the hall of the livery company) EC2V 7HY map St Paul's Station exit 1

Ironmongers (180) EC2Y 8AA map St Paul's Station exit 1 left

Launderers - shared with Glaziers' Hall, see above

Leathersellers (-) EC3A 6AB map Bank exit 2/Liverpool Street

Little Ship Club (120) EC4R 3TB map Cannon Street

Mansion House (300) EC4N 8BH map Bank Station exit 8

Mercers (160) EC2V 8HE map Bank Station exit 1 left

Merchant Taylors (280) EC2R 8JB map Bank Station exit 2 right

Old Bailey (-) EC4M 7EH map St Paul's Station exit 2 turn left

Painters (190) (the hall of the Painter Stainers' Company) EC4V 2AD map Mansion House Station

Paviors - small meeting room only, at Charterhouse EC1M 6AN map Barbican Station

Pewterers (100) map St Paul's Station exit 1 right to Foster Lane

Plaisterers (400) EC2Y 5JU map St Paul's Station exit 1 right to Foster Lane

Saddlers (150) EC2V 6BR map St Paul's Station exit 1 right to Cheapside

Salters (128) EC2Y 5DE map Moorgate Station

Scientific Instrument Makers - shared with Glaziers' Hall, see above

Skinners (160) EC4R 2SP map Cannon Street Station or Bank exit 8

Stationers (205) (the hall of the Stationers & Newspapermakers' Company) EC4M 7DD map St Paul's Station exit  2

Tallow Chandlers (95) EC4R 2SH map Cannon Street Station or Bank exit 8

Trinity House (130) EC3N 4DH map Tower Hill Station

Vintners (158) (Overnight accommodation available for members of Livery Companies) EC4V 3BG map Mansion House Station

Watermen (73) (the hall of the Watermen & Lightermen's Company) EC3R 8EF map Monument Station

Wax Chandlers (68) EC2V 7AD map St Paul's Station exit 1 right to Foster Lane 

A note concerning confusion twixt hall names and their livery companies:

Armourers' Hall is the home of the Armourers & Brasiers Company. ie NOT Armourers & Brasiers Hall. Similarly:

Painters' Hall is the home of Painter-Stainers’ Company, and

Watermen’s Hall is the home of the Watermen & Lightermen's Company.

Conversely, Barber-Surgeons’ Hall is the home of the Barbers’ Company. ie not the Barber-Surgeons’ Company.

The Farmers’ Company and the Fletchers’ Company share and jointly own Farmers & Fletchers Hall.

HQS Wellington is the home of the Master Mariners Company.

The Glaziers’ Company share ownership of their hall with the Launderers’ and Scientific Instrument Makers’ Companies. However, only these two liveries refer to the hall by their own name.

And finally, Chartered Accountants’ Hall and Insurers’ Hall are not the halls of the eponymous  livery companies (but of the professional institutes), though to an extent do base themselves there or have some of their meetings therein. 2019: Insurers’ Hall now closed.

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