Inter livery sport, social and other events

This new (at October 2022) page seeks to provide a “one stop shop” for all liverymen and clerks seeking information about any of the many sporting or other inter livery activities arranged, and as listed below. If you are an event organiser, and you have additions/ corrections/suggestions, please send details to this webmaster. 2023 dates would be especially welcome.


There are an increasing number of annual (or sometimes occasional) inter livery sporting contests, or other activities, exhibitions etc. They are usually organised by one livery company, but open to all others (though this may not always be the case).

Examples below show links to a specific page for that event, which in turn gives the date, venue, contact and event URL.

Selected “livery” church services at St Paul’s are listed  separately at the foot of this page.

Archery organised by the Bowyers' & Fletchers' Companies (a bilateral contest just for these two companies)

Art exhibitions organised by the Painter-Stainers’ Company

Beerfest organised by the Brewers’ Company (first Thursday in July)

Bridge organised by the Makers of Playing Cards Company (first Monday in March at Drapers’ Hall)

Brigantes events organised in the north of England for those who live or come from anywhere deemed “the North”.

Cart Marking organised by the Carmen's Company (July at Guildhall Yard) 

Chess organised by the Tax Advisers’ Company

Christmas Market  at Guildhall (biennially in late November)

Croquet organised by the Glovers’ Company

Curling  (suspended in 2022)

Doggetts Coat & Badge Race organised by the Fishmongers' Company (only for Watermen on the Thames)

Goldsmiths Fair organised by the Goldsmiths' Company (Sept/Oct)

Golf organised by the Coachmakers' Company (May), the ‘Prince Arthur’ at Walton Heath GC. Many other golf days are also arranged, including the Marketors’ Golf Day in July.

Livery Halls Walk organised by the Environmental Cleaners' Company (September)

Magical Taxi Tour to Disneyland Paris organised by the Hackney Carriage Drivers' Company (masters invited to “send-off” in September from Canary Wharf) 

Pancake Races organised by the Poulters' Company (Shrove Tuesday in Guildhall Yard)

Petanque organised by the Distillers’ Company at the London Pétanque Club (July)

Pewter Live organised by the Pewterers' Company (June)

Quiz organised by the Guild of Young Freemen

Real Tennis  (late October/early November at Queen’s Club)

Red Cross Christmas Market  at Guildhall (biennially in late November)

Sailing organised by the City Livery YC (offshore) and Framework Knitters' Company (dinghies, but dormant). 

Sailing in Seaview Mermaids -  Great 12 only!

Sheep Drive organised by the Woolmen's Company (last Sunday in September on [a] London Bridge)

Shooting (clays) organised by the Environmental Cleaners’ and Fishmongers’ Companies (May at the West London Shooting School)

Shooting (rifle) organised by the Bakers' Company (at Bisley)

Skiing organised by the Ironmongers' Company (January in Morzine)

Tacitus Lecture organised by the World Traders' Company (fourth Thursday in February at Guildhall)

Tennis organised by the Feltmakers' Company (September at Queen’s Club) 

Walk, around all livery halls, organised by the Environmental Cleaners' Company (September)

Wizardry in Wood organised by the Turners' Company (every four years at Carpenters’ Hall)

Church Services

United Guilds' Service organised by the Fishmongers' Company (two Fridays before Good Friday at St Paul’s)

Clergy Support Trust Festival  -  at St Paul’s (usually the second Tuesday in May)

Evensong organised by the Musicians' Company (October at St Paul’s)

A more comprehensive list of “livery” church services is elsewhere in the Church folder of the Almanac.

The “entry fee” for many of these events includes a contribution to the Lord Mayor’s Appeal or other charity.

Nigel R Pullman
20th September 2022

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