Livery Committee

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This committee was created over 150 years ago to oversee the arrangements for the elections of the Lord Mayor and Sheriffs at Common Hall - a role it continues to fulfil to this day.

But it now plays an equally important role in acting as a link between the Livery and the City of London Corporation, and facilitating communication between all the various constituencies that make up the civic affairs of the City. Amonst these are the City Briefings and other courses it arranges at Guildhall.

Though administered at Guildhall, where its meetings are held, it is not a Committee of the City of London Corporation. Its membership of 20 is drawn from the livery, their clerks, and aldermen and common councilmen of the City. The constitution is described here.

The Committee meets on the second Wednesday in February, June and September, as well as at Common Hall on 24th June and 29th September.

Livery Briefing  Bi-monthly newsletter from the Livery Committee

Chairman's Reports

Livery Committee Courses City Briefings etc

City of London Equality & Diversity policy

Record of previous Chairmen

Further details about the Committee's work, meetings, minutes etc may be found at this link.

The badge shown at the head of this page is that worn by the Chairman of the Committee. It was designed and made by Grant Macdonald, and presented to the Committee by Geoffrey Bond OBE DL, when he himself relinquised the role of chairman in 2010.

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