The Sheriffs’ Society

Membership of The City of London Sheriffs’ Society is almost entirely made up of all those who have served the office of Sheriff at the Central Criminal Court. Occasionally, those who have given exceptional service at the Old Bailey are invited to join also. New sheriffs pay a life membership fee on joining.

Its officers (at November 2020) are as follows:

President - Sir John Stuttard (Sheriff in 2005-2006)

Chairman - Anthony Eskenzi CBE (1981-1982)

Treasurer - Adrian Waddingham CBE (2013-2014)

Secretary - Paul Double

Its postal address is at the Guildhall. London EC2B 0ZZ

In normal times, it typically has one or two meetings a year, and otherwise keeps its members informed with a newsletter.

Below are links to various pages elsewhere at this site which may be of especial interest to members of the Society, not least as their names will be in the lists therein.

Archive of Lord Mayors, Sheriffs, Livery masters, and other City officers

This is a large spreadsheet to download, with data back to 1190, and includes records of all LMs and Sheriffs (in columns to the left of the relevant red tab), an archive of livery masters in the central columns, and other City officers, including Recorders, Common Serjeants and Under Sheriffs, in columns to the extreme right.

Lord Mayors back to 1940

This list (which does not need to be downloaded) includes links to many published newspaper obituaries (usually The Times), and Profiles (ditto).

Non aldermanic Sheriffs (also back to 1940)

Similarly this list has links to the published Election Addresses of the sheriffs (back to 1981), which serve as a formal record of who they were at the time they held office.

Judges at the Central Criminal Court

This list only covers the past 25 years or so. Any past sheriff (or anyone else) who has a list of OB judges going back further is invited to send it to the compiler.

Mayors and Sheriffs of London (MASL)  

Unlike all the above, this impressive archive was researched and created by a professional academic from the University of Toronto. It is fully searchable from 1190 to the present (2020.) Sponsored by the University of Toronto Library.

A Decade of Criminal Justice

A compilation of the valedictory speeches given for those OB Judges (and others) who retired between 2010-2019.  ISBN-978-1-5272-6969-9

This note was compiled by Nigel R Pullman, a member of the Society.

November 2020

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