Sheriff matters (also with links re Lord Mayor)

The sheriffs are elected for a one year term of office by the liverymen of the 110 livery companies each Midsummer Day (24th June), and their year at the Old Bailey runs from the day before Michaelmas (28th September) for the next 12 months. 

It is a necessary qualification before being elected the Lord Mayor to be both an alderman, and to have served the office of sheriff. In addition to their duties supporting HM Judges at the Central Criminal Court, and the Lord Mayor at Mansion House, the City of London, and further afield, the two sheriffs also play an active role in the Lord Mayor’s Appeal.

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Admission of Sheriffs and Sheriffs’ Breakfast

Aldermanic appraisal process, including progression to Sheriff and Lord Mayor

Ceremonial surrounding the installation of the new Lord Mayor

Common Hall - a note on election ceremonies specifically written with masters in mind

Election addresses of non-aldermanic sheriffs

Esquires (Programme Managers) at Mansion House

How to be Lord Mayor - a simple guide

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Job description of the aldermanic Sheriff

Job description of the non aldermanic Sheriff and “person specification” 

Job description of the Lord Mayor, see Aldermanic appraisal process

List of non aldermanic Sheriffs, since 1943 - other lists at A-Z page

List of Old Bailey Judges, past & present

Matters for the attention of the mother livery company of the non aldermanic Sheriff

Old Bailey - a detailed history compiled for the Broad Street Ward Club by Michael Mainelli (sheriff 2019-21)

Old Bailey Choir

Programme Managers at Mansion House

Quit Rents ceremony - background note written by the Queen’s Remembrancer, who presides over the annual ceremony at the Royal Courts of Justice each October

Quit Rents ceremony - a less formal description written by Nigel Pullman (a past sheriff)

Sheriffs' Chain Appeal - how it works

The Sheriffs’ Society

The Role of the Sheriffs - transcript of a talk given by Alderman Sir Robin Gillett in 1984

Twin aldermanic sheriffs

For a more personal reflection on some of the issues surrounding being the sheriff,  eight years on, you can listen to Paul Jagger’s Voices of the City interview with Nigel Pullman here (recorded in July 2020).

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