Finance, Business & Computer matters

Computer tips  - an idiot's guide

Digital City - to outsource some, or all, of livery secretariat services

Direct Debits - from the Clerk of the Makers of Playing Cards

Insurance - a brief introduction

Livery Companies Database - a note on how it works, and updating the content

Also new at March 2019 - Auto Update to facilitate all wardens moving up one place

Online Booking - an introduction to the Wufoo system; and a sample booking form.

Social Media Engagement - guidelines 

TreloarPrint - for quality products while building students’ skills. The students at Treloar College can print a wide range of traditional printed products as well as promotional items. Traditional printing includes business cards, flyers, posters, leaflets, calendars, greetings cards, invitations and newsletters.

Contact TreloarPrint for your printing requirements:   01420 547424

VAT - Livery VAT guidance from HMRC

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