Church, Sport, Trade & Military


Appointing a Livery Chaplain - guidance from the Archdeacon of London

Church Services - a summary of some of the regular annual "livery" services

City Churches - a list of City Churches with the livery companies that regularly worship in them.

City Churches - link to City of London website

City Churches - Friends of the City churches

Royal British Legion Garden of Remembrance ceremony in November see Diary

St Paul's Choristers -  the livery-supported choristers at St Paul's Cathedral School are those marked with an asterisk at the list.

An annual walk around the City’s churches for livery masters is organised in July - see Diary


Doggetts Coat & Badge Wager in September see Diary

Sport - inter livery competitions and other events (see also Diary page)


Financial Services Group of livery companies

Trade Groups - of livery companies, a background note


Armed Services military affiliations - shown at the Livery Companies Database for individual companies.

Her Majesty’s Commission of Lieutenancy for the City of London

Stepping Forward- A Tribute to the Volunteer Military Reservists and Supporting Auxiliaries of Greater London. A list of livery/military affiliations (drawn from the book) 

Visits to military establishments - if invited to stay overnight (eg in the Officers’ Mess/Ward Room) when visiting, for example, your affiliated military unit, masters & wardens would be well advised to take their own towel and soap - not always provided by the forces!

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