Lord Mayors & Sheriffs from 1979

Non aldermanic sheriffs only to 1978

The Times Profile, Obituary, or Election Address of most listed below from 1980 on may be downloaded at the link at their name.

1943-44 Gervase Ernest Wood - Gardener

1944-45 Harold Walter Seymour Howard* (Alderman 1945) - Gardener

1945-46 Frederick Tidbury Beer - Gold & Silver Wyre Drawer

1946-47 Charles Gordon Dickson - Coachmaker

1947-48 Richard Christmas Hammett - Butcher

1948-49 Thomas Guy Fenton Richardson - Wheelwright

1949-50 Stanley Walter Wells - Tallow Chandler

1950-51 Percy Thomas Lovely - Basketmaker

1951-52 Clement James Harman* (Alderman 1952) - Painter Stainer

1952-53 Sidney Joseph Fox - Wheelwright

1953-54 Norman Cleverton Tremellen - Weaver

1954-55 Leslie Barnett Prince - Farrier

1955-56 William Gilbert Allen - Haberdasher

1956-57 Sir James Miller* - Coachmaker

1957-58 Samuel Richard Walker - Founder

1958-59 John Edward Evan Cook - Pavior

1959-60 Cyril Derry - Horner

1960-61 Adam Kennedy Kirk - Poulter

1961-62 Christopher Selwyn Priestley Rawson (Alderman 1972) - Clothworker

1962-63 Alan Pearce Greenaway (Alderman 1965) - Merchant Taylor 

1963-64 Gilbert Harold Samuel Edgar - Clockmaker

1964-65 Arthur Harris Ley - Pavior

1965-66 Cyril Sweett - Painter Stainer

1966-67 Herbert Graham Donovan Toye - Gold & Silver Wyre Drawer

1967-68 Lindsay Roberts Ring* (Alderman 1968) - Armourer & Brasier

1968-69 Kenneth Gordon McNeil - Haberdasher

1969-70 Richard Theodore Beck - Broderer

1970-71 Peter Drury Gadsden* (Alderman 1971) - Clothworker

1971-72 Neville Rayner - Basketmaker

1972-73 Henry Wimburn Sudell Horlock - Saddler

1973-74 Cyril Anthony Hart - Carman

1974-75 Andrew Hugh Fitzgerald Olson - Pavior

1975-76 Ronald Arthur Ralph Hedderwick - Gold & Silver Wyre Drawer

1976-77 Alexander Colin Cole - Scrivener

1977-78 Bernard Joseph Brown - Fletcher

1978-79 Kenneth Alfred Ballard - Wheelwright

Year                Lord Mayor      Aldermanic sheriff    Non alderman  livery company

takes office in: November                 September          September    

1979-80    Peter Gadsden                  Leaver            John Hart                  Shipwright

1980-81    Ronald Gardner-Thorpe   Jolliffe           David Inglefield         Haberdasher

1981-82    Christopher Leaver          Donaldson      Anthony Eskenzi       Pattenmaker

1982-83    Anthony Jolliffe               Davis & Traill         Two aldermanic sheriffs 4

1983-84     Mary Donaldson             Charvet 2           Rodney Fitzgerald   Gold & Silver Wyre Drawer

1984-85    Alan Traill                        Rowe-Ham & Spratt       Two aldermanic sheriffs 4

1985-86    Allan Davis                       Collett           Jack Neary      Shipwright

1986-87    David Rowe-Ham             Bidwell & Graham    Two aldermanic sheriffs 4

1987-88    Greville Spratt                   Jenkins           Richard Saunders - Clothworker

1988-89    Christopher Collett            McWilliams    Simon Block - Broderer

1989-90    Hugh Bidwell                    Newall            Derek Edwards - Loriner - 1

1990-91    Alexander Graham            Walford          John Taylor - Wheelwright - 1

1991-92    Brian Jenkins                     Young 2         John Perring - Merchant Taylor

1992-93    Francis McWilliams          Cork              Anthony Moss - Ironmonger

1993-94    Paul Newell                       Chalstrey         Jeremy Gotch - Carman - 1

1994-95    Christopher Walford          Nichols           Jonathan Charkham - Upholder - 1

1995-96    John Chalstrey                   Levene            Kenneth Ayers - Actuary

1996-97    Roger Cork                        Martin            Keith Knowles - Chartered Surveyor

1997-98    Richard Nichols                 Howard          & Oliver      Two aldermanic sheriffs 4

1998-99    Peter Levene                     Arthur            Brian Harris - Glazier

1999-2000 Clive Martin                     Finch             Pauline Halliday - Farrier - 1

2000-01    David Howard                   Agutter  2       Nigel Branson - Haberdasher

2001-02   Michael Oliver                   Savory           David Mauleverer (Alderman 2005) - Air Pilot & Air Navigator

2002-03    Gavyn Arthur                     Brewer           Martin Clarke - Merchant Taylor

2003-04    Robert Finch                      Anstee            Geoffrey Bond - Glazier

2004-05    Michael Savory                 Hughesdon 2    David Cobb - Shipwright

2005-06    David Brewer                     Stuttard          Kevin Kearney - Pewterer

2006-07    John Stuttard                      Lewis             Richard Regan - Cutler

2007-08    David Lewis                       Luder  & Bear          Two aldermanic sheriffs 4

2008-09    Ian Luder                            Gifford           George Gillon - Chartered Surveyor

2009-10    Nicholas Anstee                 Wootton         Peter Cook - Plaisterer -1

2010-11   Michael Bear                       Woolf             Richard Sermon - Wheelwright

2011-12   David Wootton                    Yarrow           Wendy Mead - Glover - 1

2012-13   Roger Gifford                      Evans             Nigel Pullman - Leatherseller

2013-14   Fiona Woolf                        Judge 2            Adrian Waddingham - Actuary

2014-15   Alan Yarrow                       Parmley          Fiona Adler - Tobacco Pipe Maker

2015-16   Jeffrey Mountevans            Bowman         Christine Rigden - Constructor

2016-17   Andrew Parmley                 Russell & Estlin       Two aldermanic sheriffs 4

2017-18   Charles Bowman                 Hailes             Neil Redcliffe - Basketmaker

2018-19   Peter Estlin                          Keaveny          Liz Green - Framework Knitter - 1 

All below, subject to election (also Estlin above):

2019-20   William Russell                   Mainelli     


1. Contested election

2. Did not go forward to become LM

3. LM Honours. Almost all Lord Mayors have been granted a “K” of one sort or another, before, during, or after their year of office. Until 1962 (Perring) this usually came in the form of a baronetcy on appointment [they would already have received a knighthood in their year as sheriff]. Thereafter until 1992 (McWilliams), LM were granted the GBE on taking office. (Gillett 1976 was an exception, as he was already a Bt, his father also having been the LM). Subsequently most LMs have been granted KBE, though now rarely until after relinquishing office. The two female LMs have been created DBE.

Exceptions include Levene (1998) who was already a KBE, and Howard (2000) who inherited the baronetcy whilst in office. Mountevans (2015) had earlier succeeded to the peerage as a baron. The two LMs who served at the time of the 2008-09 financial crisis were not granted knighthoods. The first received the CBE after his year, and it is said that the second declined the same honour.

 *Historical note: In modern times, we are used to the idea that of the two sheriffs elected each year, one will be an alderman (hoping to go on to be the Lord Mayor), whilst the other will not. However it was not always so, and as recently as 1979 the Lord Mayor elected that year, Sir Peter Gadsden, had served sheriff (as required to be eligible for election as LM), but not as an alderman. He stood for election as an alderman after he had served as sheriff.

Those shown with an asterisk above (all prior to 1970) were, like Gadsden, not aldermen when sheriff, but who went on to become aldermen and subsequently Lord Mayor. A route to Mansion House quite common in the not so distant past.

4. Conversely, and more recently, nowadays when the pool of aldermen who have served sheriff (and hence eligible to be elected LM) shows signs of drying up, the Court of Aldermen seek the endorsement of the Livery to allow two aldermen to stand as Sheriffs in the same year, unopposed, to ensure a supply of qualified aldermen to go forward. This happened in 2007-08 (Luder & Bear), and again in 2016-17 (Russell & Estlin), and as shown above, frequently through the 80's. For more on this, follow this link.

To download a complete list (Excel ss) of all Sheriffs and Lord Mayors since 1872, please click here. Researchers and archivists seeking a full historical record of ALL lord mayors and sheriffs are invited to contact the webmaster.

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